We are licensed
by qatar standards

TeamEx Services has been Licensed (RB013/19) by QGOS according to the Ministerial Decree No (363)/2018

Swift Response

Our experts are at your door step anytime on your call and the solutions on your needs within 48hrs...

Professional Approach

Well qualified Auditors are employed to ensure the compliance level is met during the Audit of an organization in accordance with respective international standards. Auditors will focus on practical approach during the examination of records, situations, scenarios and shall base their recommendation for certifications.

Value Added Services

Opportunities for improvement shall be given by our Auditors which will enable an auditee organization to further improve in the areas where they are lacking behind. This way future non-conformities can be prevented.

Committed to Excellence

Through our vast experience and expertise, the EXCELLENCE is achieved. Customer Feedbacks are obtained to evaluate ourselves to further improve in order to have an edge over our competitors in the market.

Customer requirements are reviewed instantly and accelerate action for immediate results in the specified time.
Professional approach is the vital elements for achieving customer satisfaction and enhancing it further.
Continual improvement is achieved through constant reviews of management system and tacking action thereof.

Welcome To TeamEx Services

Marketing Services

TeamEx works as a Marketing Services office for Transpacific Certifications Limited (TCL), which assess companies against ISO standards.

Who can apply for ISO?

Any company no matter the size and complexity of scope, can go for ISO certification. Series of ISO standards applicable to the industries...

Reason to choose TCL

To enjoy professional service in a competitive price. To provide quality and value-based services, through completion of certification/registration process...

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Employee moral High
  • Most Efficient and responsive organization
  • Better position in the market
  • Motives exporters through marketing advantage
  • Reduce time consuming audits by customers and regulating bodies
  • Raises quality awareness among employees
  • Improves efficiency, reduces scrap and rework, Safe & competent workforce
  • Reduces Occupational Risks and Accidents
  • Reduces Environmental Impacts
  • Lowering Business costs, through reduced resource consumption and waste disposal
  • Improving environmental performance such as reducing electricity consumption
  • Increased profitability
  • Gives international recognition of ability
  • More efficient and dynamic food safety hazard control
  • Systematic management of prerequisite programs
  • Valid basis for taking decisions
  • Increased due diligence
  • Control focused on what is necessary

Click here to know our Certification Body www.tclcertifications.com